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  • How to achieve the correct temperature for brewing tea

    Quick guide to achieving the correct temperature for brewing different teas

    Different types of teas require different temperatures - black tea being around 95°C in general, green teas between 70°C to 85°C and white teas around 80°C. Brewing in too high a temperature will result in bitter tea and you won't extract the perfect blend of flavours the tea was intended for.

     Although becoming more popular, not everyone has a variable temperature kettle and when you are not at home brewing tea at the perfect temperature can be tricky to get right in a pinch. Using a thermometer, although accurate, can be a bit of a pain and takes away from the stress-free tea brewing process.

    So how do you achieve a water temperature of 70°C for brewing your perfect cup of green tea in these situations?

    Kyusu teapot and two pre-heated cups.

    The 10°C rule of thumb

    A useful tip is that water will lose approximately 10°C each time you pour into a different vessel, with ceramic. What we like to do to achieve a temperature of 80°C for white tea like our Fuding Silver Needle, for example, is to pour boiling water into an empty teapot and leave the water to cool for roughly 30 seconds. The teapot will absorb some of the heat from the water, cooling it down. Pour this water from the teapot into the cups you are using and wait again for the heat to dissipate. Finally add some loose leaf tea to your teapot and pour the water from the cups back in. 

    The benefit with this method is you can do it anywhere you have access to boiling water and you can even do it without a teapot, using a strainer in a cup like our Finum Brew Basket. It also pre heats both the cups and the teapot meaning you get a better brew that stays warmer for longer.

    In summary: 
    • Pour boiling water into empty teapot.
    • Wait 30 seconds (water should now be at 90°C).
    • Pour from the teapot to the cups you will be using.
    • Wait for 30 seconds (water should now be at 80°C).
    • Put the loose leaf tea inside the strainer in the teapot.
    • Pour the water from the cups over the tea in the teapot.
    • Wait for the specified time (normally around 1 minute 30 seconds)
    • Remove strainer with tea to stop over-brewing.
    • Admire your perfect brew and enjoy in peace.

    Happy brewing!