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Meditation with Tea

Meditation with Tea

Meditation with Tea

We all have moments in our life where it is important to slow down and reflect. One way to slow down and appreciate the moment is with Meditation. There are many forms of meditation, but Meditation with tea has become a very popular way to relax and get into full meditation. Over 900 years old this form of meditation originated from Japan.

What is Tea Meditation?

Mediation is a form of relaxation that requires calming the mind and the body. The whole process can be done in a quiet space. We look into the benefits, process and the types of tea you can use for Tea Meditation.

What Teas can we practice Meditation with?

  • Rooibos: from the bush of South Africa this Caffeine free tea is rich in flavour and colour making is perfect for the meditation process
  • Pu-erh: with so many choices you are bound to find a tea that can tingle your taste buds and make your tea meditation one of Pureness.
  • Green tea: again with a massive selection you can go from traditional to Matcha, the choice is yours, you are in control on how you want to spend your tea mediation.

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Step 1: Boiling the water

Watching the water boil and listening to the water can assist with the sensory element of meditation. 

Step 2: Steep the tea

Watching the tea leaves steep into the water as the clouds of colour and aroma fill the water is relaxing to watch and allows you to reflect on simpler things in life. As many teas need a steep time of more than 5 minutes, use this time to plan your day. 

Step 3: Pour tea

Pouring the tea is a sensation that allows you to listen to the tea cup filling up. Embrace the aromas filling the air around you as you pour the tea. 

Step 4: Drink tea

Enjoy your tea in a space that is yours. Escape into the tea's flavours and follow the tea as it fills your body with its embrace. Focus on taking smaller longer sips and smell the tea between each sip to keep the flavours and aromas in your senses for longer. 

What benefits are there to Meditation?

  • Reduce stress
  • Drinking tea regularly contributes to hydration, positive moods and better concentration 
  • Feeling inner peace, practice gratitude and enjoying the current moment
  • When practicing with others it can bring deeper connection with these people

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