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Total Number of Teas Available for Weight Loss
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 Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is one of the most popular teas for weight loss. The high caffeine count aids the body in burning fat with antioxidants that stimulate and assist in boosting the metabolism.
It is proven to assist in burning harmful abdominal fat when it comes to actual KG. Drinking 3 to 5 cups of Green Tea a day has proven to stimulate boosted metabolism which assists in the weight loss process.
Studies have shown that adding the recommended amount of cups of green tea into your healthy eating plan can assist in losing 1.2kgs every 12 weeks, this level of weight loss is sustainable and therefore the kilograms will stay away even once you start eating a more relaxed diet as long as you consume green tea.
Further studies show that Green tea activates the Good fats in your body which help keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day and burn the bad fat. While this good fat is still fat, green tea shrinks these cells so that your body looks and feels healthier. While this type of fat is also a good one it allows for the blood sugar levels to stay consistent. Having a consistent blood sugar level will assist in diminishing the urge to eat more and in turn gain weight.
Combining Green Tea with exercise is the ultimate weight loss combination, green tea assists your body in fighting fat cells and also decreases the amount of recovery time you need between workouts.



Weight Loss Boost Metabolism Improved Health  High in Antioxidants

 Green Tea Brewing Process


1. Warm Water to Approx. 80℃

2. Add 2 Teaspoons of Loose leaf Tea

3. Let the Tea Steep for 3 Minutes

Choose Your Perfect Tea for Weight Loss

These are the Top 3 teas for Weight Loss

Organic Premium Sencha

Organic Matcha

Organic Genmaicha

Weight Loss Assistance
Relaxation Benefits
Calming Benefits
Sweet in Flavour
Most Popular Tea in Japan

Weight Loss Assistance
High in Caffeine
Energy Booster
Substitute to a Shake
Best Selling Green Tea

Weight Loss Assistance
Great for Hydration
Pairs well with Meals
Best Blended Tea
Sweet and Salty in Flavour


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still Looking for more Answers, have a look at our FAQ section to get more information.

When should I drink Green Tea for the Best Results? What other health benefits can I expect from Green Tea?
Tea needs to become part of your every day life. It is suggested that you have a cup of tea before and after every meal to assist in boosting your metabolism. Also substituting Coffee for Tea in the morning and during the day. Green Tea is also great for Relaxation, hydration and energy boosting. Green Teas are high in Caffeine making them a great substitute to coffee. They are also very hydrating, so your body will love you more with the change.
Is drinking Green Tea enough for me to lose weight? What are the best Tea Combinations I should drink to get the best results?
Unfortunately just drinking tea and making no other lifestyle changes will not assist you in losing weight. Including Tea into your Healthy lifestyle will only boost this process and make losing weight easier.
The best Combination we have found and tested include the following Teas:
1. Imperial Gunpowder when you wake up
2. Organic Genmaicha with all meals
3. Organic Matcha as a snack beverage
4. Organic Kukicha before bed