August 27, 2021

Top 5 Tea Trends for Autumn 2021

Top 5 Tea Trends for Autumn 2021

When to drink your tea, the top 5 Tea Trends for Autumn 2021

Tea is a growing trend in Switzerland according to Expatica where they mention that there are a number of tea rooms now open in major cities. But what is the tea trend for home consumption and when is the best time for you to enjoy your tea at home?

In this blog we explore the different times for you to enjoy a cup of tea. May it be to be with friends and family or on your own to reflect. We deep dive into the tea trends expected for Autumn 2021.

tea trends for autumn 2021

We have already touched on the tea benefits in our blog so if you haven't had a chance to read those yet you can do that now. But if you have and you are looking for the best way to enjoy your tea at home you have come to the right place. 

Even though tea did not appear in Swiss culture until the 18th century, the nation has grabbed onto the health benefits and enjoyed the tea culture, may it be on their own or with friends and family. Until then hot wine and beer was a major role in the culture of keeping warm during the colder months.

However there are studies that show the benefits of tea, as mentioned above, and we also looked into Tea Meditation. Here we highlighted the benefits of meditation with tea, but is that the only trend we see for the future?

Tea drinking is part of a daily routine, the process of making tea is one that is therapeutic and enjoyable. So when we look deeper into the tea trends we see the TOP 5.

tea trends for autumn 2021

#5: Morning Tea

Black tea has the same if not more caffeine than coffee and those that need a boost in the morning but want to keep a cleansed body can enjoy a Black tea to start their day. Black tea has had many studies conducted on it, which include the benefit of the tea on your body and skin. So to start you day with a Black tea is high on the self awareness list for those people looking to become more healthy and live a happier life.

#4: Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is mostly linked to British culture where tea is had with some sort of sandwich later in the afternoon to get your body to supper. Dinner which is considered a more formal occasion rather than supper which is the home cooked informal meal you make in the comfort of your own home. As the day is coming to an end it is advised to have a caffeine free or low caffeine tea during this time, many opt here for Rooibos or Honeybush as this tea has no caffeine and has a strong robust flavour. Both tea’s can be enjoyed either black or with milk and in both cases the natural sweetness of the tea gives it a magnificent taste to a small light snack.  

#3: Relaxation Tea

Tea time that is for self relaxation and reflection has become more and more prominent over the pandemic with more people saying that they are aware of their food and beverage choices. Many people have sprung into a more healthy and active lifestyle and with that comes time to also work on your mind. While some choose to meditate with tea, others may find the benefits of drinking a Green tea or Pu-erh Tea as a great way to give you peace of mind. 

#2: Night time Tea

Drinking tea as the last beverage before bed has proven benefits of a better night's sleep and feeling more refreshed and well rested in the morning. Drinking a White tea can be seen as the perfect night time beverage, enjoying this tea in dim lighting or even with a book or some relaxing music can really uplift your sleep time.

#1: Oolong Tea time

As we see a shift into the tea drinking habits of the Swiss, we also see a rise in the want for Oolong tea. As the teas  have many different flavour profiles this is a tea that can be enjoyed by all. The premises of Oolong tea comes from the strong nature of the names the leaves have and the exhilaration of drinking a tea with an exautic name is part of the thrill.

tea trends for autumn 2021

So now that we have given you the top places to enjoy your tea with the autumn tea trends, what are some that you are going to follow? Let us know in the comments. 

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