Organic Premium Sencha

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  • This tea is perfect for relaxation and meditation

    Enjoy a cup of Japan's most popular tea, with notes of spinach, umami and honeysuckle.

    🌏  Origin
    Shizuoka, Japan.
  • Green tea requires special care when handling to not break the leaves. The young buds and leaves are hand-picked and left to bask in the sun. 🍃

    With Sencha, the final process is steaming (the Japanese method). This tea is the most popular variety of green tea in Japan. We selected our Organic Premium Sencha thanks to the highest quality leaves that offer a distinct light sweetness when brewed. This sweetness balances exceptionally well with the grassy notes you typically taste in senchas. 🍵
  • Per cup: 1½ tsp  75°C  1 minute & 30 seconds

    You can infuse this green tea tea multiple times.

    80 brews per pack | CHF 0.37 per brew