Jasmine Silver Needle

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  • This Tea is a stress reliever, perfect for meditation and relaxation.

    A lovely romantic infusion, with notes of sweet vanilla, citrus zest, and fresh jasmine.

    🌏  Origin
    Fuding, Fujian province, China.
  • White tea is crafted through a process called fading - the young leaves are harvested and left to wilt. White tea is similar to champagne. Its origin plays a huge part in the flavor and quality of the tea. Fuding County in China, where this tea also comes from, is the birth-place of white tea and is still the most prominent and relevant place to source it from. 🌟

    This tea is naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers 5 times. This is very important to obtain a fresh, delicate aroma and not a bitter, stringent one as with artificially scented teas. Our Jasmine Silver Needle has a sweet and soft taste, with the delicate jasmine aroma persisting all throughout the brew. 💮
  • Per cup: 2 tsp  80°C  3 minutes

    You can infuse this tea at least twice.

    40 brews per pack | CHF 0.74 per brew