2012 Lincang First Grade

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  • This Tea is an excellent digestive and lowers cholesterol.

    Notes of camphor, fruits and a light earthiness to give you a moment of peace.

    🌏  Origin
    Lincang, Yunnan province, China.
  • Pu-Erh comes from the Yunnan province in China, where the land is dark and rich, with big leaf tea trees. Pu-Erh is special because, unlike other teas, it is aged through a natural fermentation process. Thus, it is an excellent digestive, lowers your cholesterol levels, and uplifts your mood. 😄

    Farmers harvested our 2012 Lincang in the spring from 40 year old tea trees. 🌿 Afterwards, they left the leaves to age in a dry warehouse in southwestern Yunnan, to obtain the wholesome aroma, mood, and long lasting finish.
  • Per cup: 1 tsp  100°C  3 minutes

    You can infuse this Pu-Erh tea up to 12 times with shorter steeps.
    We recommend you brew it ‘gong fu style’, using more leaf and shorter steep times, of around 20 seconds.

    200 brews per pack | CHF 0.12 per brew