Premium Golden Monkey

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  • This tea is an alternative to Coffee and gradually releases energy

    This playful tea is great for a creative afternoon. It has notes of ripe peach, semisweet chocolate, and roasted pecans.

    🌏  Origin
    Fuan County, Fujian, China.
  • Black Tea is actually called Red Tea in China, due to its color. This tea has high caffeine content, making it a perfect candidate alternative for coffee. It gives a much-needed gradual release of energy. 💪

    The Golden Monkey makes you feel happy and energized, like a little monkey. It is crafted by hand into the shape of a monkey's paw and has a sweet rich taste that doesn't feel like other bitter or astringent black teas. 🐵
  • Per cup: 2 tsp  95°C  5 minutes

    You can infuse it multiple times. 

    45 brews per pack | CHF 0.55 per brew