Organic Kukicha

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  • This tea is low in Caffeine, perfect for evening tea. 

    Enjoy a cup of Kukicha before bedtime and embrace its notes of hazelnuts, wood and freshly cut grass.

    🌏  Origin
    Shizuoka, Japan.
  • Green tea requires special care when handling to not break the leaves. The young buds and leaves are hand-picked and left to bask in the sun. 🍃

    With the Kukicha Karigane (twig tea), the final process is steaming (the Japanese method) and very lightly roasting them. Farmers select only the highest quality stems and twigs from the tea plants used for Gyokuro. Kukicha has a unique slightly sweet aroma; the best thing about it is the minimal caffeine content, making it a great evening or night time drink. 😴
  • Per cup: 2 tsp  80°C  1 minute

    You can infuse this tea multiple times.

    35 brews per pack | CHF 1.00 per brew